Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 4

Today we'll finish the MARS activity we started yesterday, looking at the connection between the tables of values, the graphs, and the verbal descriptions.

I'll use today's opener to again review slope-intercept form, see the screenshots below.

We'll then discuss one of the student's screencasts of last night's homework problem.

The lesson will continue with the MARS activity, matching the various tables of values to the graphs and verbal descriptions (slides, see the MARS activity for the tables of values we're using).

Today's homework will be to tie together the verbal description, the graph and the table of values, and again use a screencast to share their thinking about the problem.

My hope is that after today they are feeling fairly confident connecting descriptions to graphs to tables of values, and perhaps seeing the connection to rate of change and slope (although we'll make that more explicit in our next class, which is two days away because we don't meet on Thursdays).

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