Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 3

Today I want to continue exploring the relationship between two related variables, and how to sketch a graph given a verbal description. Today we'll focus on distance/time graphs by using this MARS activity.

I'm going to start with an opener that will hopefully remind them of what they already know about slope-intercept form of a linear equation. Again, in Formative, so I'll give you screenshots.

After discussing the opener, we will then view and discuss one of the screencasts they did for homework last night (the assumption being that at least a few of them were successful). We'll talk about the math in the problem, of course, but we'll also talk about problems anyone had with the screencast process and possible solutions.

We will then move on to the MARS task (outlined in the slides). The entire task is going to take one and a half to two class periods, so I'm anticipating getting through the "sharing posters" phase (bottom of page T-6 in the MARS pdf), then adding in the data tables tomorrow.

Their homework will be to complete the Journey to the Bus Stop activity, including recording and submitting a short screencast to describe their thinking. I again hope they will have the opportunity to start the homework in class and perhaps only have to do the screencast portion outside of class.

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